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The Stapleford Centre is an independent Christian education charity, working across the UK, that supports, nurtures and shapes Christian engagement in education.

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'Shaping Christian Engagement in Education . . .'


The Stapleford Centre is a volunteer-led and run charity that seeks to shape Christian engagement in education. Having emerged from a period of transition in 2012-13 it is working out its aims through to broad areas of resourcing and relationships.


This area will see the Centre, through the targeted use of consultants, disseminate its resources for use by Christian teachers, Christian academics and those teaching Christianity in RE. The Stapleford Centre website ( will be re-focused on supporting Christian teachers whilst will be completed for use by teachers teaching Christianity within the RE curriculum. A new website to support Christian academics is under active consideration. If constructed this would contain the bulk of the work The Stapleford Centre has authored in the fields of Christian pedagogy, spiritual/moral education, research and praxis.


The trustees recognise the need to actively maintain the partnerships and relationships that The Stapleford Centre is currently engaged in. Over the next twelve months they will maintain the Centre’s presence on the Evangelical Alliance’s Forum for Change Education Cluster Group and will continue to send a representative to the RE Council’s bi-annual meeting. They are also engaged in ongoing discussions with organisations to secure the long term future of the Centre. This could see the Centre’s thinking and academic legacy embedded within the work of another organisation for the long term benefit of both organisations.

Latest News . . . 

August 2013 - updates

A lot has happened this last year, as we work to continue to secure the legacy of the Stapleford Centre while moving forward, in pace with God's leading, to be a transforming Christian influence in Education.

Here is an overview of what we are up to at the moment - as always, we appreciate prayer!

  • We have signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" with CWR, a large charity which is partnering with Stapleford to work in education.
  • CWR and Stapleford are currently working on four joint project proposals that we want to get funding for from trust funds. One involves Initial Teacher Education, one involves developing Education professionals' thinking and practice in terms of thinking Christianly about their work, one involves gathering and developing key Christian educationalists and one involves working with Christian parents to further an understanding of what Christian education can do for their children and gather support for Christian education among parents and churches. Each of these 4 proposals is nearing the point where we can submit them, at which point there will be more news on them and prayer requests! Each of these would be a very exciting project, with tremendous potential.
  • We are still actively working on our English Literature website,, in partnership with the Bible Society. this site reaches English Literature A Level students up and down the country, it looks at English Literature and the Christian context much of it was written in. It gets a lot of use - in June, we reached over 100,000 visits! Needless to say, the impact of this website is wonderful. It is mainly used directly by A Level students, yet it also presents an opportunity to Christian English Literature teachers up and down the country who want to teach Christianly in a secular teaching environment.
  • Together with CWR we are going through Stapleford's out of print publications. There is material there that is high quality, still relevant (or, relevant once again) and could be republished, CWR have a large publishing arm which would republish these works for/with us.
  • In April, we held a very successful Christian Consultants' Network day. There is a summary of the day on the website:
  • We are organising a conference for Christians in School Leadership in October, entitled "Schools Beyond Measure"

E-petition - supporting RE

The Stapleford Centre is supporting an e-petition, whose purpose is to ask Mr Gove and the Department for Education to provide government support for RE.

If you feel as strongly about this as we do, we would appreciate it if you could sign this, and, most importantly, pass it onto your contacts. Thank you!

20th May 2013 - Evangelical Alliance - Education Cluster

The Stapleford Centre was present and took part in the Education Cluster that has been part of the EA's Forum for Change. It was a fruitful time of seeking God and praying for Christian education in this country. Please pray for a way forward for this important work, as the Evangelical Alliance rethinks its strategy.

9th May 2013 - Religious Education Council - AGM

As a member body of the Religious Education Council of England and Wales we attended the AGM recently. Developments in RE remain concerning, and John Keast, OBE, the chair of the REC outlined the political developments that are giving cause for concern. As an organisation, the Stapleford Centre remains committed to RE as a subject. 

19th April 2013 - The Stapleford Centre holds Christian Consultants' Network day on "Motivating Christian Education Practitioners"

What motivates Christian Education Practitioners? Building on his recent research around the theme of 'theological drivers' that resource Christians in education, Dr Howard Worsley joined us in Rugby for a day of exploring the drivers that motivate Christian Education Practitioners in the field. Delegates came away refreshed and ready to put the ideas into practice in their respective professional environments.

Did you miss this event?

A summary of the day is available for download from the conference page.