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04 An Interactive Lord's Prayer Trail (Reflective trails)



Janet Lunt and Catherine Coster
The Stapleford Centre


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This multi-sensory, interactive Lord’s Prayer Trail is designed for Key Stage 2 pupils.

Ideally, this trail could be set up in a church. The class can be divided into groups of approximately six pupils. The pupils spend approximately 10-12 minutes at each of the stations on the trail, gathering together at the last station for a time of worship. No specific order is required for the stations. The stations are based on the words of the Lord’s Prayer.

Reflective Trails are downloadable files which provide multi-sensory, interactive experiences for pupils. Written by Janet Lunt and Catherine Coster, the Trails aim to help teachers achieve their AT2 in RE by enabling pupils to learn from, and not just about, RE. This download contains a 50 page pdf with instructions, hand-outs and photos of all suggested reflective corners. Download now and use in your lessons.

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