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Conceived by The Stapleford Centre, Christian Consultants’ Network days enable Christians working in leadership roles within schools, dioceses and local education authorities to explore current educational issues and initiatives from a distinctively Christian perspective.

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The Christian Consultants' Network

The Stapleford Centre's Christian Consultants' Network exists to promote distinctive Christian thinking about current educational issues. It consists of Christian educational consultants, senior head teachers, diocesan education teams and Christians who work with Local Authorities.

Meeting three times a year, the Christian Consultants' Network is offered free of charge. Each meeting is based on a seminar model that maximises the time delegates have to interact with the keynote speaker.

Delegates are drawn from across the denominational and theological spectrum, providing a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas, information and development of distinctive Christian thinking.

We aim to provide three one-day meetings per year, to attract a high quality of speakers, to encourage deep thinking and to disseminate the results of seminars, where applicable, in the form of position papers which will be available to download from our website.

It remains the intention of The Stapleford Centre's Christian Consultants' Network days to help equip, empower and energise Christians in senior education positions and to advocate a distinctive Christian value-driven approach to teaching and running schools.

Future events

We are expecting to host three Consultants' Network events in 2012, one in spring, one in summer and one in the winter term. We will update this section once we have more information to share!

Past events

11th November 2011

Andy Yarrow, Principal of Chelsea Academy, London

Meeting the challenges of establishing a new, inclusive, Christian School

Andy Yarrow, Principal of Chelsea Academy, London

Meeting the challenges of establishing a new, inclusive, Christian School: academies, free schools and faith schools capture headlines and evoke strong reactions. So it is timely and fitting to meet at a new, Christian academy, initiated as a joint venture between the Church of England and the local council, to hear from a practitioner, it's first principal. Join us at the recently opened Chelsea Academy in London to hear from Andy Yarrow, a long-standing supporter of the Christian Consultants' Network, who will lead through an informative and challenging day - including a tour of the brand new school's premises and the detailed thinking that has gone into every aspect of the ethos, systems and the building itself.

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1st July 2011

Dr Elizabeth Green

Is this the end? - Christian Ethos, Spiritual Development and the new Government agenda for education

Dr Elizabeth Green, Liverpool Hope University

Spiritual development has been dropped from the new OfSTED inspection framework; does this mean schools don’t need to take it seriously anymore? This workshop considers why spiritual and moral development should not only remain firmly on the curriculum agenda but why they should drive teaching, learning and assessment in all schools.

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17th March 2011

Professor John Sullivan

Building Bridges between Theology and Education - how theology can help shape the work of Christian schools

Professor John Sullivan, Liverpool Hope University

How does your theology relate and impact your view of education? Prof John Sullivan, one of only two 'Professors of Christian Education' in the country, unpacked the relationship between theology and education in a truly inspirational way.

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10th November 2010

Educating for Wisdom - the importance of teaching wisdom alongside knowledge

The Rt Rev Dr Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop of Coventry
Dr John Shortt, Travelling Secretary for the European Educators’ Christian Association (EurECA)

Wisdom – Solomon prayed for it, Job searched for it, Paul said that Jesus was it. How is wisdom learnt and lived; and what part do teachers play in the giving of this gift for which human beings long? More . . .

7th July 2010

Nurturing and developing Christian leadership in schools

David Wells

Leading a school doesn’t require skill alone. There is the added demand of a sense of vision and vocation. What happens to us when pressures and expectations threaten our very sense of direction and purpose? What does leadership look like when we get tired and irritable and how do we stop ourselves becoming bitter? More...

10th March 2010

Church Schools: a mission-shaped vision

The Revd Canon Tim Elbourne

Church schools are an important part of God's Church. As part of an exploration of the place of church schools in God's mission to this world, Tim Elbourne will be reflecting on theological models of mission and relationship. More...

18th November 2009

Schools for the 21st Century? Presenting research into the new faith-based Academies with Beth Green - click here for more info

8th July 2009

Christian inclusion - educating children on the margins of society with Moyra Healy

11th March 2009

Both Distinctively Christian and Inclusive: How can it be? with Trevor Cooling

12th November 2008

Deepening Faith: Enriching Education - A Small Scale Study into the Impact of the New Relationship with Schools Initiative on Catholic schools in England with Kevin Quigley - click here for downloads