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As part of The Stapleford Centre's commitment to resourcing Christians working in education we are pleased to offer our series of Biblical reflections for busy teachers: Another Day. The reflections are quickly read, will provide food for thought and will help you reconnect with God during your busy day. All reflections can be downloaded or read online.

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Another Day - Biblical reflections for busy teachers

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11 - "What Jesus didn't do at the wedding in Cana"

11 - Wedding in Cana - Another Day

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“On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus' mother was there, and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding.” John 2:1-2

Everyone loves a good wedding. Well, almost everyone! And in Cana, Galilee the celebrations may well have lasted a week. No wonder they ran out of wine. It would have been a challenge for a family of moderate income to meet the needs of the revellers, even in a society where binge drinking was probably unknown.

Jesus and the 12 disciples had been invited, maybe because of his mother, who might have had some hand in the catering and who at least found the lack of wine an uncomfortable challenge that needed a radical solution. Of course, we don’t know if she realised how radical the outcome was to become, because the gospel writer makes it clear this was Jesus’ first miracle.

Sharing wedding stories is still a contemporary pastime. The dress, the bridesmaids, photos and speeches, the meal, who was there and who wasn’t, together with the alcohol available and the impact it had, on at least some of the guests. Who can forget the films Four Weddings and a Funeral or My Big Fat Greek Wedding?

No-one’s story can outshine the couple at the wedding of all time in Cana. It’s a shame we don’t know their names and identity! But then the One who deserves recognition takes centre stage in the story. Deserving not because of the miracle itself, but for who He is. And that is exactly what He didn’t do at this wedding – make much of Himself. This was not the time to declare His majesty, reveal His Sonship or tell the gathered throng that He, “the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lostLuke 19:10.

Jesus seemed acutely aware of timing throughout the record of his ministry. It began in Cana when He tells His mother, “This isn't my time. Don't push me." John 2:4 (The Message) and finished in Jerusalem as He told His disciples from time to time, "Listen carefully. We're on our way up to Jerusalem. Everything written in the Prophets about the Son of Man will take place. He will be handed over to the Romans, jeered at, made sport of, and spit on. Then, after giving him the third degree, they will kill him. In three days he will rise, alive." Luke 18:31-32 (The Message)

Patience, tenacity and a real sense of destiny will help avoid rushing in where angels fear to tread, to coin a phrase. These virtues will keep a sense of proportion and self-centred pride. In turn they will help you avoid the trap of expecting too much, too soon.

Take some time to consider how knowing what not to do or say will contribute to achieving the goals you have in mind.