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The Stapleford Centre is proud to prseent this excellent tool to enfold, challenge and excite. Someone like Sam is a fascinating resource which helps create opportunities for children and adults to talk together about the ‘big questions’ in life.

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Someone like Sam

Someone like Sam

Based on a story by S. R. Harris
Illustrated by Helen van Vliet

Sam and Emma share a unique adult/child relationship which enriches each of their lives

After hearing their story children and adults alike are encouraged to explore similar relationships, learning about themselves and the inner strength that enables them to overcome difficult situations. This beautifully illustrated story forms the basis of lessons for use with primary-aged children, especially at key times of change. Also included are activities for use in all-age church sessions.

Someone like Sam is a fascinating resource which helps create opportunities for children and adults to talk together about the ‘big questions’ in life. In the process of these conversations, everyone involved will begin to think more deeply and widely, wonder about lots of issues and begin to communicate with each other about some of their thoughts.

The story of Sam and Emma acts as a wonderful stimulus, and following their example of sending Samgrams, lots of interesting discussions can be opened. In the process everyone explores issues of love, identity, relationship and inner strength. Exploring these issues together will allow opportunities for everyone involved to develop spiritually.

Someone like Sam: Schools

Someone like Sam: Schools

The lessons are aimed at pupils in KS1 (P1-P3), Year 3 (P4) and Year 6 (P7) as points in their school lives when they experience significant changes and so the themes are particularly relevant. The material could be used with other year groups, so, for example, it would be possible to have a whole school project based on Someone like Sam.

The lesson material is based around four key themes:

  1. Being Loved
  2. Identity
  3. Relationship
  4. Strength

Each theme is visited by each age group, building on the previous learning and extending their understanding and experience of the concept. The emphasis throughout is on experiential learning. The three age-groups were chosen as points at which pupils experience, or are about to experience, change, and when the material can help them recognise the stability in their lives and affirm who they are within the change.

Someone like Sam: Churches

Someone like Sam: Churches

The Someone like Sam: Churches material has been designed primarily to be used as part of all-age worship services, and suggestions are given for activities, prayers and closing activities and Bible readings.

Alternatively the material could form the basis of a church weekend, or be used in small groups, either all-age, or adults and children separately. It could be part of a course of preparation for baptism or confirmation, or used with parents and godparents preparing for the baptism of a child.

Whatever the context in which it is used, it is envisaged that the leader will choose activities relevant to the group and their needs, and to the situation in which it is being used.

Bible readings are given for each session. These can be read as part of the service/session, and could form the basis of a talk within the service/session.

A closing prayer is given for each session with a line being read by one person and repeated by everyone else. This can be a way of uniting the experiences of the session and committing them to God before people disperse.

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Someone like Sam is packaged in a clear wallet containing a CD, storycards, posters and Samgrams.

Someone like Sam is available for only £4.99

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