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'Test of FAITH - Resources for schools' is a great resource from The Stapleford Centre. Based on a series of award winning documentaries on the area of science and religion by The Faraday Institute, this resource includes lesson materials for GCSE and A Level to go alongside this successful film.

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New: 'Test of FAITH - Resources for schools'

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Presenting: 'Test of FAITH - Resources for schools'

Test of FAITH

Science and religion meet - Resources for schools

The Test of FAITH resources for schools cover topics found in many GCSE and A Level RE syllabuses such as creationism, evolution, origins of the universe and the problems of evil and suffering. The resources are based on the three part documentary Test of FAITH which won the silver award in the ‘Best Documentary’ category at the prestigious IVCA awards in 2009, and which is included with the book.

The differentiated materials are suitable for use with 14-18 year olds and include background information, glossary, bibliography and curriculum links. Now available for only £14.99

What does 'Test of FAITH - Resources for schools' include?

'Test of Faith - Resources for schools' provides five session outlines for Religious Education based on chapters from the three parts of the Test of Faith DVD (included). The materials and activities provided, however, could be spread over a greater number of lessons if preferred.

The DVD is divided into three parts and each part has been divided into chapters. The section that should be shown in a session is labelled by its Part number and then Chapter number.

Each outline starts with some background information for teachers on the issues addressed in the session as it is recognised that this can be a daunting topic to address with pupils, particularly for RE teachers who are not science specialists.

A summary of the material covered in each DVD chapter is also provided. Buy 'Test of FAITH - Resources for schools' - now for only £14.99!

Titles and objectives of the five sessions included in 'Test of FAITH - Resources for schools'

The topics are covered through five sessions, entitled:

The myth of conflict


  • To understand that science and religion are both engaged in a search for different aspects of truth but are working in different ways and from particular viewpoints

Filling the gaps


  • To understand the concept of a multiverse
  • To recognise that there are gaps in our knowledge about the world, and to explore how science and religion might try to fill them

How did life develop?


  • To understand the difference between Young Earth Creationism, Intelligent Design, Theistic Evolution and Atheistic Evolution
  • To understand that biological evolution is not necessarily aligned to any one worldview

Evil and suffering


  • To understand suffering within the context of evolution
  • To explore different understandings of the presence of evil and suffering in the world

Freewill and determinism


  • To consider freewill and determinism
  • To explore what it means to be human, from scientific and religious perspectives

What age-range is the material designed for?

The materials are designed to work with pupils from lower ability 14-16 year olds, to additional activities for use with A Level pupils. These have been labelled in the following way in the resource, as an indication of the level they are aimed at:

  • Foundation: lower ability 14-16 year olds
  • Intermediate: higher ability 14-16 year olds
  • Higher: 16-19 year olds
  • Extension: top ability 16-19 year olds

The sections Setting the scene, DVD and worksheet and Discuss are intended as the main part of the lesson for all levels. For Foundation level this may be all of the resources that are used; with other levels, however, additional activities may also be chosen.

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Test of FAITH Curriculum links

'Test of FAITH - Resources for schools' links in with GCSE as well as AS and A Level specifications. See below for more details on how it links in with the different exam boards:

The award-winning Test of FAITH documentary

'Test of FAITH - Resources for schools' is based on the award-winning Test of FAITH documentary series produced by the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion. The documentary received a 'highly commended' mention in the International Visual Communications Association Clarion Awards 2009. The full documentary is included with the 'Resources for schools'. Watch the trailer below:

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