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The English Parish Church - Christianity and Culture - DVD resource

This exciting new DVD-Rom opens up every aspect of churches and their interaction with communities and culture in a lavishly illustrated and easily navigable format. A rich resource for teaching RE, history, art, literature and music at both primary and secondary level, this DVD provides a core body of high-quality recent research from leading experts. Use the images, 3D models and video clips in assemblies, to plan and prepare for a visits to your local church, or draw on the wealth of material for a term-length topic.

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The English Parish Church Through The Centuries

The English Parish Church DVD Cover

The latest resource to come out of Christianity and Culture at the University of York, The English Parish Church is an excellent resource which helps pupils explore and trace the development of the Parish Church through the ages.

"Hugely important ... a tool to revolutionize our understanding and enjoyment of churches"

Loyd Grossman, Chair of The Churches Conservation Trust

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What does 'The English Parish Church' include?

Drawing on contributions from over 225 leading academics, this work includes:

  • Recordings of Church music from past centuries
  • 3-D modelling of the development of interiors and exteriors of churches through the centuries
  • Resources on writers such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Donne, Milton, Dickens and many more
  • Practical sections on care, conservation, creative use, re-ordering and interpretation of church buildings and their contents.

The resource also contains a massive image gallery of over 1000 images and a fully searchable encyclopaedia containing hundreds of terms and enables users to save customised glossaries and bibliographies as .pdf downloads.

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Excerpts from The English Parish Church DVD-Rom

Decorated - Perpendicular interior

Parish church 3D development models: exterior & interior compilation

Eamon Duffy explores Ranworth church

More on Christianity and Culture's YouTube Channel

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Make use of this amazing brand new resource in your RE lessons.

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