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The Kingdom of God and Education - video with N T Wright

Does the Kingdom of God have anything to do with education? What are your aspirations for the children in your care - what are your school's aspirations? What do Kingdom of God aspirations look like in the classroom? Watch this video, featuring N. T. Wright, to find out more.

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02 - A place in your heart - 40 Creative Ideas for Reflective Spaces

40 Creative Ideas for Reflective Spaces

Explore topics of transformation through love and the need of each of us for love and companionship.


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Kingdom of God and Education?

Here's an inspirational video, featuring N. T. Wright, that makes the connection!

What if Learning?

The What if Learning website, brought to you by The Stapleford Centre, is an excellent resource if you're interested in bringing more of the Kingdom of God into your lessons. Featuring over 100 examples from across the curriculum.


 What if Learning could be so much more?

What if Learning has lots of examples of how to teach Christianly in any education context

Ever thought about bringing your faith into your classroom? See over 100 examples of how to teach Christianly!

Are you an RE Teacher?

40 Creative Ideas for Secondary RE are high quality and affordable resources for teaching Christianity in Secondary REIf so, have you seen our excellent 40 Creative Ideas series? (Primary, Drama in RE, Reflective Spaces, and Secondary)


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