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The Veil is Torn

The implications of Easter are enormous: Jesus, having brought the Kingdom of Heaven to earth in his life, dies on a cross and is resurrected. His last words are: "It is finished". And as he dies, the veil between sacred and secular, between heaven and earth, is torn. Now, the expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is unstoppable. "The gates of hell will not prevail" against this onslaught! God's will shall be done, on earth as in heaven.

To fully appreciate the amazing wonder of that moment, let's go into the past, let's picture the people of Israel in the desert, the tent of meeting, and God's glory descending onto the tent. Let's picture two great people: Moses and Joshua. (If you feel like re-reading this, it's in Exodus 33). Whenever Moses went into the tent of meeting, God spoke to him as to a friend. And whenever he reemerged, he had to cover his head with a veil, as people couldn't stand looking at the reflection of God's glory. They were dazzled by it. It was too uncomfortable for them!

Joshua's solution to this wasn't a veil: he simply stayed in God's presence and didn't really mingle with people at all. He essentially stayed in the tent of meeting. Those are two distinct approaches: one stayed in the "sacred" and didn't mix with the "secular" (Joshua), the other mingled with the "secular" but kept the "sacred" hidden (Moses).

But now, thanks to Jesus, the veil is torn! The divide between sacred and secular is no more! This means we have a third way, a new option: we can continuously stay in the sacred (like Joshua) while mingling with the secular (like Moses), and we can do this without having to put a veil up!

Christianity is deeply personal but never private.
We experience God's presence, all the time.
And we let it impact every area of our lives, everywhere.

That can be challenging. It can be uncomfortable. It can be difficult. It definitely requires wisdom! But it is who we are as followers of Jesus.

This week, let the message of Easter impact who you are at work - whether you are a teacher or work in some other area of education. Let the presence of God stay with you in everything you do.


  • How can God's presence in you impact the way you are motivated and approach your work?
  • How can God's presence in you impact the way you interact with colleagues?
  • How can God's presence in you impact how you interact with pupils?
Robin Staple is the Stapleford Centre coordinator

Robin Staple is The Stapleford Centre's coordinator. He is passionate about God, theology and coffee - and especially about how the Christian vision for holistic and wholesome education can offer a real contribution to the common good of society.

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